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Daily Challenge (5 Tokens)

Motivational Monday

Take the time today to teach or motivate someone.
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Teach One Tuesday

Choose someone to teach something too. (It can be as big as something you paid to learn or a skill you sacrificed immensely to acquire.)
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No Worry Wednesday

Attitude is the most IMPORTANT thing in the World. Hakuna Mata today.
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Thankful Thursday

Choose someone to Thank today.
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Friendship Friday

Take today to connect with an Old Friend. Whether it is someone you talk to everyday or every 10 years.
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Love Challenge (30 Tokens)

Our premise is that if we can get 20% of any community to give 3hrs. Of volunteer time within 30 days,  It will have such a profound effect on the community it will never be the same.

How It Works

Donate a minimum of 3 Hours of your TIME volunteering or Donate a minimum of $30 to the Love Movement


Everyone can participate, as some people have more time than money, while others have more money than time.



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