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Coins are a virtual good you can use to award exemplary posts or comments. Support I Am Love and encourage your favorite contributors to keep making this website better. 

Coins can be awarded by using the website, completing various tasks such as completing your profile, but most of all by showing Love.   


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There are an infinate ways to earn Love Tokens, but here are a few to get you started.

Instance Amount Limit
Tokens of Love for becoming a member 5 -
Tokens of Love for being a member for a year 10 -
Tokens of Love for site visit 1 -
Tokens of Love for referring a visitor 5 Maximum 20 times per day
Tokens of Love for referring a new member 10 Maximum once
Tokens of Love for new profile cover 1 Maximum once in total
Tokens of Love for new profile avatar 1 Maximum once in total
Birthday Tokens of Love 5 -

Volunteering is the best and quickest way to earn Love Tokens

Volunteering is the cornerstone of Community Revitalization. People helping People. Every Volunteer opportunity will have points attached to it determined by the amount of time and difficulty of the assignment.

We are looking for companies to sponsor this effort. Their company logos will go here.


All registered Non-profit organizations will get 20 Love Tokens to give freely every month.

Win Win

Incentivize your Loved Ones and support the Love Movement at the same time.

Tax Deductable

I Am Love is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that makes all donations to us tax-deductible. Tax ID Number: 87-2012106