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The mission of I Am Love is to increase public health and safety by helping communities create sustainable, population-wide change through comprehensive environmental systems change, knowledge transfer, and project planning and implementation. I Am Love’s mission focuses on systemic, communitywide transformation through the lens of environmental systems change policies. The agency implements a results-driven, systems approach designed to change community norms, conditions, and policies that impact the health and safety of populations.


I Am Love is firmly committed to ensuring that community-level work is guided by residents rather than a “top-down” approach where a funder makes decisions for a community. The goal of I Am Love is for residents to become empowered and gain capacities to change upstream issues, thereby improving their quality of life. Procedurally, this is achieved through an intentional and iterative transfer of knowledge between I Am Love coaches, organizational leads, and residents.


We work together with other organizations not to waste time and resources by re-creating the wheel and conducting evaluations to determine what is working and what is not. The problems that communities need to resolve are complex, requiring comprehensive solutions. Addressing issues like health promotion and chronic disease prevention requires the inclusion of people from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. Working in partnerships, collaborations, and coalitions can be challenging, but these can be powerful tools for mobilizing individuals to action, bringing community issues to prominence, and developing policies. In addition, these associations are an effective means of integrating health services with other human services so that resources are not wasted, and efforts are not needlessly duplicated.


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Approach to community transformation

ACT Model

This model for change provides a proven framework for implementing upstream prevention programs. The ACT Model integrates strategies to create the synergy and momentum needed for population-level change.

Our Board

We are actively looking for more board members. If you believe that Love is the key to reshaping the world or want to lend your skills and talents. Please review our Board Member requirements and fill out the application. 

Cornelius Page Jr.

Board Member

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Zechariah Murray

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Board Member

This could be you

Board Member

This could be you

Board Member

Four Pillars

These Pillars serve as our organizational anchors to keep our work ever-focused on social determinants of health and equity issues that most affect our vulnerable communities. 

Justice/ Safety

Safety is one of our basic, evolutionary needs. Most of our decisions are based on maintaining or improving our sense of safety. Justice is one of the most important moral values. Without it, anarchy will ensue.

Health/ Nutrition

The desire to stay alive is an instinctive one, built into the psyche of the organism. The organism will seek those elements of its environment that will enhance its chances for survival.

Economic Development

In order for any community to survive, its citizens must have employment opportunities and must be able to generate revenue to provide services.


Education develops critical thinking. This is vital in teaching a person how to use logic when making decisions and interacting with people.

Employment Opportunites

I Am Love is a Equal Opportunity Employer. 

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Full Time

Community Health Worker



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