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We are the result of a concerted effort of people who believe in the

Power of Love

If you are sick and tired of all the evil, hatred, and wickedness and find yourself asking what can I do? Then join us! Race, religion, gender, lifestyle, or opinions have no significance here.  If you need help, we are here. If you would like to help, we are here.


I Am Love Mission

Revitalize communities, change detrimental community norms and conditions, that impact the health, equity, and safety of everyone.

Community Transformation

3 Month revitalization project

Mentality Transformation

Freedom, Liberation, Empowerment

Individual Transformtion

Helps to build resilience

Program Support

Everyone can participate as some have more time and less money, while others have more money and less time

Hot Items in our store

This is the only store that will accept your volunteer time as a currency.  

“There is no greater expression of Love than giving someone your time.”              – Sir Duplechan- I Am Love Director

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Extraordinary People Awards

Take the time to recognize our past Extraordinary People Award winners. If you know someone who deserves this award please nominate them here. 

Every winner will get two tickets to the Extraordinary People Award Show and may be awarded as the Extraordinary Person of the Year along with other prizes.

Ammie Hunter

Another Level for Women Director

Danny & Tonya Duplechan

Pastor & 1st Lady of World Faith Vision Church

Donald White

Pastor of Dare U to be Different Ministries

Linda J. Titus

Founder of Blessings Unlimited

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are an organization that is looking for volunteers or you are looking for volunteer opportunities and have questions please contact us. (When helping someone please reframe from taking pictures or videos. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.)

Call: (833)567-LOVE(5683)


2PM to 5PM



World Faith Vision Church

Any Time

Entered in drawing for $10 gift card

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10% of all sponsorships you generate

I Am Love

I Am Love

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