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Community House

The Community house will be a central meeting place and safe haven. Donations collected will be stored there for residents to use as they please. Our goal is to make it a WIC center, Cooling Center, Warming Center, resource center, Emergency gathering place, and anything the community decides they need it to be. Once a month, we will have a lawyer come to offer legal advice and Medical personnel to do free evaluations: a Dentist, Psychologist, and Tutor.

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Piano Lessons

We have the facility, we have the teacher. We need your help to purchase the Keyboards. We would like to start with six. They are $90 ea. which is approximately $600. The teacher will initially volunteer, but as our classes grow we hope to be able to pay him for his labor of love.

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Asphalt Paint

If you have extra acrylic paint in your garage please make sure it says traffic paint somewhere on the container. We also need supplies, so if you have some old rollers or brushes they will be appreciated.
Asphalt Art is very important for generating community buy-in for the Love Movement. If you have to choose one section to support. I hope you will choose this one.

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Random Acts of Kindness Cards

When you perform a Random Act of Kindness for someone, leave them with this card. It says, “ You are the recipient of a Random Act of Kindness, now it’s your turn to do the same. Do something kind for someone else and pass along this card to them. These cards ignite the love movement because it creates an atmosphere of Love. We are preparing to distribute these all over North Adelanto freely.

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