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Why don’t you just quit?

Hand of Someone Drowning and in Need of Help

Once there was a man who was running a business. He faced severe losses and had to sell his properties and cars to continue running the business.

Seeing the situation, the son asked his father, “Why are you still running the business when you are at a loss?

Why don’t you shut the business?

Father smiled and replied, “My son, life can bring us many challenges and even push us down. But we have to hope that we can overcome any challenges.”

Son, “How can hope help us?”

Father, “Ok, I will show you!

Father took his son to a big well and asked him to jump.

Son, in shock, “Father, I don’t know how to swim, So I cannot jump. But his father pushed his son to the well and went into a hiding place.

Son struggled and kept on trying to float for close to 5 minutes. Then when he was about to get drowned, the father jumped and pulled his son out of the well.

The next day, the father again took his son to the well and asked him to jump again. First, he hesitated, then he jumped into the well. Father again went into hiding.

The boy again struggled to keep floating, and he pushed harder. Time kept on running. Even after 15 minutes, he managed himself. Then Father came and pulled his son out of the well.

Father asked his son, “Why were you pushing harder than yesterday?”.

Son replied, “Yesterday, I did not know what to do when you pushed me into the well. With fear, I drowned.

But today, I know you will come and save me if I am about to get drowned”.

Moral of the story:

Life can bring us many challenges. When we push ourselves with the hope of overcoming it and trusting the people around us, we can overcome it.


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