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History has taught us that real significant change only takes place when the majority stands united.  History has also taught us that people are easily influenced if they perceive a strong trend.  The Love Movement is the creation of a strong trend.  We then follow it up with our dynamic Life Plan. We eliminate stinking thinking by provoking thought.  A person only changes once they decide in their own mind that they want to change. Our research has determined that happiness and self respect are a result of completing goals or accomplishing those things you decided in your mind to do. We expound on what we call the Three Keys of a successful life. 1. Love- is the most powerful force in the Universe. 2. Time- Is the most valuable thing in the Universe and 3. Attitude is the most Important thing in the Universe.  Our purpose is to transform the world one community at a time.

Who Is I Am Love

Change the World through Love.
The World is a dangerous place, not because of those who do Evil. But because of those who sit back and do NOTHING.
By utilizing technology and innovative ideas to reintroduce fundamental philosophies that bring people together.
Because we must, because we Love.

Hitting our Marks

Population Reached 1
App Completion 10
Chances of Changing the World 85
Love Changing Lives 100

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