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Even the disappointments tell the story of your success

Bicycle shop, repairman looking on new bike

A teenage boy from a village moved to the city for a job to support his family. He applied for a job in a big firm.

After some days, he went to attend the interview. He successfully cleared all the tests.

Hiring manager, “You are hired. Give me all your details for further processing. Also, make sure that your bike is in good condition, as you must travel to meet the Customers”.

The boy replied, “Sir, I don’t have a bike with me.”

Hiring Manager, “Without a bike, you will not get this job. You can leave now.”

The boy left the place, thinking about what to do next. He had little money that could feed him only for the next few days.

But he does not want to return to his village without a job. He was confident in getting a job.

While he was thinking, he came across a big vegetable market. Then an idea sparked.

He decided to buy vegetables from the market with the available money. He sold his vegetables door to door on foot. By the end of the evening, he sold all those vegetables and had a good profit.

He gained confidence that he could earn from this.

From then, every morning, he will go to the market to buy fresh vegetables and sell them door to door until he finishes his stock.

He continued his hard work every day, and he developed his business for years. Soon he becomes one of the biggest food chain retailers.

After some years, one of his new friends visited his big house, where cars were in his garage.

Seeing this, his friend asked, “You have a good collection of cars, and do you have any bike collections.”

The man replied, “I never bought any bike for myself.”

Surprised, he asked, “Why did you not buy a bike?”

The man replied, “If I had a bike, I wouldn’t have had these cars.”

Moral of the story:

We should never lose hope if we want something and never get it.

We should continue our hard work because we do not know what destiny has in store.


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